Authorization - Use of minor's image

By accepting this authorization as representative of the minor participant of the call “Talento Vamos Kids” accepts, in accordance with the provisions of the current rules on protection of personal data, especially Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1074 of 2015, to authorize freely, expressly and unequivocally to Owens Consulting Group representative of the brand Vamos Kids and The Best Wings of Santa Marta the use of images in photos, videos and audios of the minor present in our facilities, for promotional purposes for our social networks and external publications, where the activities of the park and the experience of the food point are promoted.

The authorization includes:

1. capturing, taking, storing and editing personal images or photographs, making videos and audios of the minor and/or the adult(s) mentioned above as applicable.

2. Disclose and publish the images, audios or data through any physical, electronic, virtual or any other means, public or private, in order to promote educational, entertainment and capacity building activities of the children attending the park.

With the above, I hereby state that as owner or representative of the minor, owner of the information, I know that the collection and processing of data will be carried out in accordance with the Policy of Personal Data Processing of Vamos Kids, as well as that I was informed of the rights of the owner of the information, especially to: know, update and rectify the personal information, revoke the authorization and request the deletion of the data, which may be exercised through face-to-face channels, email: [email protected]

I acknowledge that this authorization is made free of charge and, therefore, I declare that no amount is owed to us for this document. Consequently, I agree not to claim any value for the use made by Owens Consulting Group or any other person, natural or legal, or that has been authorized by the organization for the use of the images.