Slime Station

A whole world to discover is this station children will experience what happens when we mix certain elements, how things can change texture, color and even their state when they are mixed. It will be an approach to science, we will awaken not only creativity, but also the curiosity to investigate. In this station the children will have a whole sensory experience, where the senses will be the protagonists.

  • Price : $30.000 
  • Duration : 30 min 

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Forest Station

For us it is very important that our children learn and develop the different areas of development, that is why the Forrest station will be one of the favorites of our visitors

Garden Station

The experience at La Estación Garden is incredible, children will learn to develop their awareness and love for the planet as we will teach them how to grow the food they eat

Island of the Arts Station

This station is one of the most important of Vamos Kids, because it is the station that allows children to express all their creativity and materialize it in a garment. Not only

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Horario de apertura

Horario de apertura

Miércoles a Domingos

 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

 Lunes y Martes abrimos si hay un evento, fiesta o visita programada